Exploring Decoration (3 days)

Course fee: £260

Creating clay forms suitable for slip and majolica decoration. The project will centre on dishes, bowls and flatter forms, and includes moulded and thrown work. A very interesting technique which can produce exciting and colourful results.

DAY 1: Hand building and basic construction, using slabbed forms over moulds, throwing on the wheel and making clay tiles for later tests.
DAY 2: Demonstration of basic slip and majolica techniques and examples of work.
Completing previous day's work and experimenting with decorating techniques on bisque fired tiles as provided.
DAY 3: Project work from previous sessions will have been bisque fired. Test pieces will have been gloss fired. Evaluation of results and decoration of individual pieces.
Please bring any designs, sketches, patterns etc. with you for inspiration.

TIMETABLE: 10 am to 4pm daily Lunch 1 hour
Tea/Coffee and cakes are provided for morning/ afternoon breaks
You are free to arrange your own lunchtime activities
There are picnic tables in the grounds, and the Pack Horse Inn is just 2 minutes away

Please book early as places are limited to 6.
A deposit of £50 is required

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