The Raku Experience (3 days)

Course fee: £300

One of the most exciting techniques available, based on the oriental method of making which has its origin in the ancient Tea Ceremony. Work will be made using special clays which can withstand the later process of fire and water. Examples of finished work can be seen in advance to demonstrate some of the exciting possibilities. You will be involved in creating vigorous and individual pieces, applying bright and exciting special glazes and subsequently firing your own wares in the gas-fired kiln amidst smoke, heat and water.

DAY 1 The making process. Work can be hand built using traditional coiling, pinching, slabbing or throwing, Plaster moulds are also available. Project themes are provided,

DAY 2 Time for completing work from day one. Wheel work can be trimmed, decorated with spriggs etc. Test pieces can be made for glaze experiments on the firing day.

DAY 3 Finished work will be bisque fired. You will be glazing and pre-heating pots for firing. The Raku kiln is sited in the workshop and work is transferred red-hot kiln to sawdust containers for treating; water butts proved final quenching.

Because of time and process limitations, we would suggest a maximum of 6 pieces (excluding small test pieces). This should maximise your opportunity to study results, adapt glaze choices etc. Completed work will be available to take away on the final day.

You are advised to wear casual clothing and to expect some contact with smoke. Please bring a mask if you are sensitive to smoke. This is a rewarding experience for novice and experienced alike.

Timetable;- 10 am to 4 pm daily
Lunch:- 1 hour

Refreshments are provided during breaks. Please bring your own lunch. There is seating in the grounds for picnics and the local inn is just 2 minutes walk away.

Please book early as places are limited. A deposit of £50 is required

Due to Covid restrictions places are currently restricted to 5 people.

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