Smoke firing (3 days)

Course Fee: £260

A chance to experiment with texture colour and form using simple low-firing techniques with sawdust, paper and wood in metal containers. Reminiscent of early methods, the course produces results which can be beautiful and rewarding yet quick.

DAY 1: The making process. Hand-building with coils, pinch pots and throwing on the wheel.
DAY 2: Demonstration of burnishing and examples.
Completing previous days work and experimenting with terra sigillatta slips, burnishing.
DAY 3: Project work from previous sessions will have been bisque fired. Smoke firing pots and experimenting with combustible materials. Evaluation of results and polishing finished work. You should be able to take work home if cooled enough.

Please bring any designs, sketches, patterns etc. with you for inspiration.

TIMETABLE: 10 am to 4pm daily Lunch 1 hour
Tea/Coffee and cakes are provided for morning/ afternoon breaks
You are free to arrange your own lunchtime activities
There are picnic tables in the grounds, and the Pack Horse Inn is just 2 minutes away

A deposit of £50 is required

I have not put this course in the schedule for this year, but please contact me if you are interested, so we can arrange mutually convenient dates.

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